About US

We create designs to fit day-to-day needs.

We believe in design driven by intention and tangibility. We're here to prove that exceptional design is for everyone, whether it's your neighbor next door, the coffee shop around the corner, or the Fortune 500 companies!

Uncross your fingers.

Stop "hoping" that your audience will leave a good impression of you. Instead, tailor-make your visuals with a strategy and a target audience in mind.

Effortless & affordable.

No need for HR management or dealing with employees. Save about $100k/year and 200 hours compared to hiring a full-time designer.

Stand out with options.

If you're a business owner, you'll know hiring in-house designers can be hit or miss. They might excel but work slowly or be efficient but deliver poor results. Finding fast and skilled designers can be costly. We offer the middle ground.

Shoot, design & produce.

We're your one-stop creative house – think 3-in-1 instant coffee of the design world! Working with us feels like having an in-house team without the overhead costs and commitment.

Our Agency

A team of friends doing what we love.

8 rewarding years of design providing Brand Auditing, Graphic Design and Photography! We’re a frequent design choice for exciting industries like interior design, landscaping, F&Bs and we hope you'd be next!

We're a hearty nut-mix of street and product photographers, and professional graphic designers! Just what your brand needs for a healthy boost!

Our story

Like many stories, BTNE Studio began as a side hustle. After getting her BA in Visual Communications, Valerie climbed the corporate ladder, gaining experience by wearing many hats as a designer in different industries. But she believes there's more to offer than occupying a desk space as an in-house designer in corporate.

Taking on extra jobs after hours, on weekends and pulling friends in to help out, the studio materialized in 2023 with a resounding commitment to build meaningful connections with individuals, startups and businesses, and get them the design help they need. They hope to see good design become a commodity locally, just like in other design-centric countries such as Sweden or Japan.

"One of the best quality I've seen so far! The team really puts their 100% into their shoots and editing quality, and it really shows. Very happy and will be using them again. Would definitely recommend them."

— Bryan Ang

"Crazy quality work at reasonable prices!"

— Bryan Ng

"Completed my Amazon listing with Cofefe. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with their work. It was more than I expected. The visuals are so unique and pleasing yet capturing all the details needed. Valerie, the graphic designer is such a sweet girl with many wonderful ideas. I could convey my thoughts easily too. Not forgetting Ken, the photographer who capture the essence of my products so beautifully. Thank you Cofefe for putting my thoughts into visual reality! 💗"

— Lisa

Frequently asked

What kind of people do you work with?

We work with brands and individuals. No matter who you are, we're up for the challenge of helping you represent your personal brand in a better light, for your intended audience.

What is your average project price?

Prices are based on current local industry standards of a graphic designer and photographer.

What is included in a branding/photoshoot project?

Every brand comes with an in-depth questionnaire and a brand audit. Afterward, we handcraft your type and logo marks, font pairings, and color exploration based on your targeted outcome for your brand. We also do branded collaterals when requested.

As for shoots, you will be requsted to share your ideal outcomes before we do an indepth logistics, timeline and prop plan (if any). Once the shoot is done, the RAW images will be edited before handover.

Do I have to be in Singapore to work with you?

No! For graphic design services, you can be from anywhere. However, photography services might be limited to product photography for mailable items only.

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