We design & shoot brands, people and special      moments.

Beyond the Naked Eye studio —based in Singapore.

why see beyond?

With keen lenses and sharp creativity, we help your audience see what the eye might miss.

Conveying your personality through a screen isn't easy. We know your story is more inspiring in person! It always is. Attracting the right people starts here—with better visuals and writing.

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What we do

What we do besides going for coffee runs and taking pictures of the textures of our plants:

Brand Identity

Branding is an investment. Trust us when we say—you don't want to be stuck with 10,000 shirts in the back of your storeroom bearing your logo, only to realize you don't like it.

We conduct in-depth brand audits with every client so your new logo fully encompasses your brand. Taking into account the unique challenges your business faces, we create a newer, more targeted, and adaptable brand identity for you to use for years to come.

Graphic Design

We are open to designing everything. But if you ask our clients what they usually get from us, these are the few:

Campaign Posters & Posts ⟡ Monthly EDMs & SEO Blog  👁  Banners  👁  Flyers  ⟡  Packagings  👁  Namecards  ⟡  Corporate Stationary 👁  Uniforms  ⟡  Exhibition Graphics  👁  Murals  ⟡  Hoarding  👁  Menus & Catalogues

Lifestyle Photography

You don't need a reason to hire a professional photographer. Be it a day out with the family or solo portraits of you around town, if it's worth capturing for you, it's worth capturing for us.

Birthdays ✳ Pre-Weddings ✳ Wedding ✳ Events ✳ Day Out ✳ Personal Portaits ✳ Interiors

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